Yuba City's Most Loaded Food Truck

Loaded TotsFlippin' Sweet

We are Potato Patoto and we serve loaded tater tots out of a food truck. Catch us around our local area (Yuba City, Sutter, Marysville, that general area) slingin’ tots at public and private events.

We spent year in traditional kitchens and love restaurants and catering, but it just got boring. We were looking for food with some flare. That’s when we came up with loaded tots. Like our name, Potato Patoto, it doesn’t matter how you say (or eat) them, it just matters that they’re damn good. 

Book us for your event or catch us at one around town. Catch ya’ Tater!

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Tater tots are a fun alternative to traditional catering choices. Book us for your festivals, private parties or corporate events.

“Fun, greasy food, from a truck. Perfetion.”

Getting our one-of-a-kind loaded tater tots into the hands of foodies is our ultimate goal, but we like to have fun along the way too. We like to mix it up with our recipes – some days we load our tots with sriracha sauce for a nice kick, other days we’re loading up with garlic for some real true breath funk. The one thing you can count on it that they’re going to be fried, sauced and loaded. And damn good too!

Jenn Eubanks

Owner & Tater Chef

Our Menuis loaded!

*Warning: after consuming our tots, your cravings for more tots may become unbearable. To fix, please find and consume more tots.

Loaded Up!

We pile it on! Cheese, bacon, sriracha, blue cheese, onions, cilantro, pepperoni, and sour cream. It's a dream in your mouth.

Flippin' Sweet, Lots-o-Meat

This one is topped with basically a whole animal - bacon, shredded beef, sausage, and steak to go along with cheese, onions, tomatoes, and cilantro.

Scott's Tots

Like The Office, these babies are the standard of excellence. BBQ Mac & Cheese Tots, with Pulled Pork.

Santa Fe Tots

Seasoned tots with white queso sauce, carne asada, green chilies, cilantro, and an avocado crema.

*Warning: after consuming our tots, your cravings for more tots may become unbearable. To fix, please find and consume more tots.

Find Usupcoming events

Sutter High School Every Thursday @ Lunch
Some Saturdays Yuba-Sutter Soccer Fields
March 16, 2019 Yuba Sutter Fairgrounds
October TBD, 2019 Yuba Sutter Fairgrounds
(Taste of Yubs-Sutter)

Catch us at our next event or book us for one of your own. Keep up with us on social media to hear about pop-up events and other opportunities to try Potato Pototo.

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